News From Pittsfield

• Willy is at 360 as of 1245 today
• Mark is at 300 as of 1500 today
• Michelle is at 240 as of 1440 today

Greetings from Pittsfield, VT!! Currently in Pittsfield’s Original General Store having a “Vermonter” Smoothy (banana, strawberry, yogurt, maple syrup, whole milk) and it’s what I’ll be looking forward to on Friday when the miles have pilled up – that’s for sure!

I have talked much about this place in the past year and I am thrilled to be here for the experience. Apparently I am the second runner to show up which is doing the 200 tomorrow starting at 1800 tomorrow.

I’ll keep you posted on the event as the hours tick on.

Below are some pics of the scoreboard and the scenery around the start/finish. The scoreboard is live.






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