The Long Run

Buy this book and see how my boy Mishka Shubaly completely turns his life around into an ultra running phenom after years of drug and alcohol addiction.  It is called The Long Run and may be found by clicking here.

Here is my review posted on Amazon’s Kindle Single edition for The Long Run:

As an ultra runner, I am too familiar with actual long runs. This short story provides a great insight into how Shubaly has conquered his personal “bumps on the road” to make the The Long Run one of the best introduction to ultra running on the market.

I was blown away with the first half of this article. I was deeply moved by the way Shubaly wrote it. Many ultra runners experience similar instances with drug and alcohol addictions (as he clearly depicts) before being addicted to the infamous runners high. But none of these experiences are as interesting and inspiring as Shubaly himself.

Throughout the story…I felt empty (because I never have come close to the shit that he has been through) and yearning to know more, I laughed a lot, and literally shed some tears especially when I read bout his mom and him joking around about her passing and then Shubaly breaking rules that she no longer can enforce.

The second part is even more moving than the first. It displays where his mind, body, and soul are with a revolutionary 360 degree turn on his lifestyle which embodies his passion for endurance sports. He just does not run for himself…he runs hard and long while assisting his fellow-man out on the courses.

Outstanding Shubaly!


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