Beyond Your Normal Routine :: Fit Tips ::

Jerome being proudly escorted by hard-core trail runners. Mark Leuner (background) is taking a break...we rotated to descend the Italian Stud. Miska Shubaly was our photographer. The gentleman with the jeans...well he is the race director of the DWG Fatt Ass 50k.

To all my die-hard trail runners…oh…wait if you are a trail runner…you are hard-core which to me its the equivalent to die-hard!

Anyhow; as we move on from the April showers and hope the flowers of May blossom to some picturesque scene we could contemplate while we stretch our training potential past our comfort zone…below is a great deal of information I am personally playing ambassadorship.

It is called :: Fit Tips :: by Jerome Scaturro.  What is it! Well its a collection of die-hard exercises that will make you hard-core.  Plain and simple.  If your out on the trails and need some relaxing moments to reflect beyond your legs…this guy’s perspective and attitude will definitely shape your behind up to make you your best.

Have it a go. Try it out!  I have and I LOVED IT!


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