Finished 100 Mile Race!!!!

Finished the 100 mile in around 7:57AM…

27 Hours and 57 minutes…

Great accomplishment and awesome moment!

More information to follow, too tired to write and think right now!



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4 responses to “Finished 100 Mile Race!!!!

  1. From one DFLer to another…..WAY TO GO man! I didn’t get a chance to really chat with you at the race, but have been following your blog and your miles for a while. Very inspirational and what an awesome awesome job!

    • Thank you! Congratulations to you as well! Truly in awe still that I accomplished this “minor” task. It truly reminded me how important those training miles were. But yeah next time we need that chat time! I’ll bring the beer 😉

  2. Shane Nelson

    Nice job bud and congrats……great accomplishment! You are quickly moving into the M A D M A N history books!

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