Ready to Cash in on 1,074 Mile of Training Miles

One thing has been on my mind throughout the past couple of months.  Well two things.  When the heck is summer gonna be here and also how my body will sustain the mental and physical evolution my body will partake throughout the 100 miler this coming Saturday, March 19th, at 0400 (4:00AM).  I have truly been hard at training no matter the weather from October 2010 to February 2011.  You would think that all those training miles (1,074.86 from Oct to Feb, to be exact) would put my mind at ease before this race on Saturday.  These miles are actually not the important aspect…its the quality of miles such as long runs I have put into the training ranging from regular Marathons, 50K’s, running alone for hours and miles on end.  Below are the beautiful highlights:

  • October (177.88 Miles in 31h 55min 45sec)
  • November (208.64 Miles in 34h 24min 16sec)
  • December (219.25 Miles in 38h 39min 36sec)
  • January (295.81 Miles in 63h 32min 03sec)
  • February (173.28 Miles in 31h 43min 51sec)

So I understand that these training miles are suppose to be reminding me that, “Hey! You are ready?”  Physically I know I am based on my training.  A friend of mine mentioned today that not to worry about not running this last week (I am currently panicking since I have not put my foot to the dirt nor road this week yet).  There is an article on the March 2011 UltraRunning Magazine she referred to which totally makes sense:

“Managing your ultrarunning is like managing your finances…We are all familiar with the old saw that training is making deposits to our account, and racing is making withdrawals.  When we manage our running finances that way, things work out well for us.”

With those words of wisdom and encouragement from both her and the article…I think I have managed my training deposits very well.  Logging in each run…well my Garmin actually took care of that easy but dreadful tracking system…and practicing what I hope to preach on Saturday morning should come in handy.

Now the only other portions to worry about are the clothing I will have to wear and the food I will need to consume!  Ah… just never ends….I truly am looking forward to juggling all these components.  This is what ultrarunning is all about.


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