Weekly Summary Dec. 6 – Dec. 12


Tues-PM: 6.63 miles (1:01:25) Passaic through Lodi to Garfield end at start


Wed-AM: 5.04 miles (0:47:45) Ran through Passaic short run


Sat-AM: 16.85 miles (04:39:19) Fatt Ass 50K. Located at Delaware Water Gap with an elevation gain of 3,761 ft next to Mount Tammany.

This event began early at or around 6AM with nearly 50 runners ready for action. Among those runners where my good friends Mishka and Jerome. All three of us would stay together – or so was the plan.

As we ran through the valley leading up to the Appalachian Trail (AT),
we began ascending very rocky terrains. We climbed to mile three very slowly and began descending very quickly as our bodies where literally carried by gravity. Jerome lead the pack. We stepped on rocks the size of watermelons and cantaloupes to keep balance and soon all I, and several other runners, heard was “ICE” and then I too yelled “ICE”. I looked up and Jerome was in the air back parallel to the ground ready for impact!

As I looked up towards him, I then immediately saw clouds as my body also was going to brace itself for impact. BAMMM! I shock it off with a smile and sprung back up for action.

Not J. As I approached him I saw his hat thrown to the side along with his socks and left shoe, backpack, water bottles, etc. I was cognizant that he was going into shock. His immediate diagnosis was that he broke his ankle. As the other runners neared by – several ran to the race director for immediate attention. Several remained to assist in ‘caring’ for a wounded soldier. And caring we did.

We (six man team) took turns fireman carrying this big Italian Stallion for nearly four miles. It truly personally hurt me to see my friend in this condition. As we dropped him off to the race directors vehicle, Jerome looked at us and said, “Attack this course and finish strong!”

So we did continue to do so! When we arrived back at the start after nearly 17 miles to begin the second leg of the course. Mishka and I noticed that our bud only had one leg! 😉 we didn’t want to enforce another waiting period on J and decided to go eat some good Italian hoagies paired with a nice Cabernet Sauvignon.

One day with sprained ankle and great mileage at the AT with two good friends is all you need.  The rest of the miles is just extra mileage to catch up on some other day!


Sun-PM: 7.61 miles (1:09:39) Passaic through Lodi and back


– Miles: 36.12 miles
– Hours: 7:38:09


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  1. Very good descriptive commentary of the way Jerome hit the ground dude! Maybe there is a lesson to learn here. You can never be too careful. Running on ice – Not a good combo!

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