2010 Year In Review

2010 was a year of complete personal transformation. And I thank it all to the act of RUNNING.

I can recall as early as December of 2009 reading about the Boston Marathon and how I needed to prepare for “it”. “It” was haunting me throughout the latter part of 2009 with my personal failures at a regular marathon level.  To me, “it” regards preventing cramping, efficient running, uphill running, nutrition, weight lost, etc. Therefore preparing for Heartbreak at Boston was a crucial regiment that I needed to master … quickly.

As the snow accumulated in December I continued to research on how I could be the best I could at Boston with great intuition based on primarily reading and applying whatever I read on the road. I then stumbled upon the magical word that I enjoy saying: ultramarathon.

I purchased in early January 2010 Dean Karnezes “Ultramarathon Man” book and quickly submerged myself into possibly doing something as crazy as this guy. I recall when browsing the book at Barnes and Noble that his book compared Heartbreak with a mountain from Western States 100 with an elevation chart. The comparison for Boston was nothing compared to WS100! All this time I was complaining about the damn hill when this guy ran up mountains! I immediately loved it and wanted more of it.

So proceeded to run a 4:03 PR at Boston in 2010 followed by nearly heat exhaustion at the NJ Marathon three weeks later with a 4:18 finish.  I along with many other stronger runners walked since the temp was nearly 103 degrees.  My next experience and introduction to the ultra scene was the Turkey Swamp 50k on August 8th for a 5:42 finish.  I then proceeded to completely learn the most from running at the Aug. 29th Green Lakes Endurance Runs 100k and burning at mile 48 out of 62 following nearly 11 hours of running.  This is the race that transformed me completely!  Two weeks after that I proceeded to finish the Virgil Crest 50 miler for a 14:44 finish on Sept 25th!  Mountain Madness on Oct 16th was my next tasty deal.  I was lost the complete way but enjoyed each mile during the 50k.


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November 21, 2010 · 0850

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