Outside Mag : Ultra Lingo Article

If your new to the ultramarathon world or a seasoned veteran, this link may provide incite to several unique jargon of our community.




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Looking For Pacer / Crew for 100 Miler @ Virgil

If your interested in pacing on the 22nd of September please let me know. A bit of crewing and keeping me laughing is def required.

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100 Completed at 200 by Peak Races


This event was like no other. When Peak Races organizes events, they are meant to have the participants inspire those around them during the event and for sure afterwards. The thought of quitting is not an option. The DNF (Did Not Finish) post-status is recognized under the Peak Races circumstances as the participant pushed him/herself beyond their limits …

Twelve runners participated in the 200 mile event and none completed it. The average finishing distance was 100-130 miles – the official times are not posted nor finalized yet. For sure this was a crazy adventure that took me way beyond my comfort level by managing to do the 100 miles in over 65 hours.

Thus far this was the toughest course I have participate on, provided the most humbling experience, and it did let me dig deeper to make the 100 possible! The 10 mile loop course was set-up at a 800 ft. above sea level and each runner was to go up four miles to reach 2,400 ft. above sea level – muddy and technical single track. The last six miles were switch backs filled with technical terrain and rugged footing and last mile featured an interesting bush whacking section.

I had a huge blister on the bottom of both the balls of my feet…swollen and irritated which developed through mile 40. This unfortunate blister originated from the Gore-Tex sneakers I wore the first fifteen to twenty hours to shield me from the rain and muddy conditions. Despite my discomfort with every step I took I managed to get in 60 more.

Having my team there to crew and pace for me was the key for me to finish. Thanks lady and gents. They deserve the glory too!


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60 Miles After over 29 Hours – Course is Rough but Satisfying




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200 Mile Runners Before the Start

200 mile runners at 1430 before the 1800 kickoff. All smiles. Positive vibe. Rain is falling. Perfect equation for a great event.

Steve Antczak
Jared Busen
Jim Cook
Gilbert Gray
Jenny Kroeger
Jim Lampman
Kira Matukaitis
Liam O’Flaherty
Laura Perry
Luis A. Ramirez
Swistun Kazimierz
Kevin Zelechoski20120510-143755.jpg20120510-143808.jpg



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Pictures of Champions

Here are some pictures of the champions running the 500 mile ultra. Willy is in the white shirt with the poles. Mark is holding the food. Michelle is rocking with the poles.










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News From Pittsfield

• Willy is at 360 as of 1245 today
• Mark is at 300 as of 1500 today
• Michelle is at 240 as of 1440 today

Greetings from Pittsfield, VT!! Currently in Pittsfield’s Original General Store having a “Vermonter” Smoothy (banana, strawberry, yogurt, maple syrup, whole milk) and it’s what I’ll be looking forward to on Friday when the miles have pilled up – that’s for sure!

I have talked much about this place in the past year and I am thrilled to be here for the experience. Apparently I am the second runner to show up which is doing the 200 tomorrow starting at 1800 tomorrow.

I’ll keep you posted on the event as the hours tick on.

Below are some pics of the scoreboard and the scenery around the start/finish. The scoreboard is live.





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